The Neck Bridge Prone exercise is an endurance exercise that targets neck muscles. It involves lying down with your back on a stomach putting your head on top of your hands and then lifting your legs and hips off the floor, while standing upon your shoulders. This is a basic exercise that could help improve your neck’s stability and mobility. But, it is important to do this exercise slowly and cautiously and stay clear of it if you’ve suffered a neck injuries.

Instructions for Neck Bridge Prone

  • Start in a prone posture on the floor, with your knees and hands.
  • Put your head in the same position as your hands, however several inches further away from your legs. Extend your legs and push your hips up into the air.
  • Change into putting the weight of your head by lifting your hands off the floor. Make this move gradually, stopping whenever any severe discomfort is felt, and avoid it if there is a prior neck injury.
  • Maintain the neck bridge for a few minutes and then slowly return your knees and hands down to the flooring.

Additional Information

  • It is also a neck-building exercise. It’s also called the neck bridge prone, or that of the neck.
  • This exercise is ideal to build strength and size of the neck Bodybuilders, strength athletes or anyone else could gain from it.
  • The exercise targets neck muscles, and increases their strength.
  • It improves the stability of your neck and improves mobility.
  • It could help you in overcoming the typical hunched-over posture and help improve shoulder health.
  • It also allows you to stretch your chest, neck and the spine.
  • It can improve your mood, decrease fatigue and stress and ease menstrual discomfort.

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Neck Bridge Prone


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