Smith Machine Upright Row is an upper-body workout that targets the traps’ muscles and shoulders. The exercise is usually performed for moderate to heavy repetitions, like 8-12 reps in a set or more, in conjunction with an upper-body or shoulder-focused exercise.

Smith Machine Upright Row is also known as the Smith machine’s upright row an alternative from the straight row and a workout to strengthen the muscles in the shoulders.

The Smith machine has a fixed move pattern that allows you to isolate the shoulder muscles.

The Smith Machine Upright Row is a great addition to your shoulder exercises and upper body exercises as well as complete body exercises.

Instruction for Smith Machine Upright Row

  • In the beginning, you must set up the smith machine at an appropriate height, which is about in the center of your legs. After the proper height has been determined as well as the bar has been loaded hold the bar with an extended (palms to the front) grip with your shoulders distance apart. You might need wrist wraps when you are carrying the bar for a long period of time.
  • Lift the barbell upwards and fully extend your arms while keeping an upright back. There ought to be some slight bending at your elbows. This is the ideal starting point.
  • Use your shoulders on the side to lift the bar when you exhale. It should remain near to your body when you lift it upwards. Keep lifting until it’s almost touching your cheeks. Tips: Your elbows should control the movement. As you raise the bar, your elbows must remain higher than your forearms. Keep your torso in a straight line and stop for a second at the end of the movement.
  • Lower the bar slowly until it is back to its starting position. Inhale during this section of the movie.
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.
  • Warning: Be very careful when deciding how much weight you are using in this exercise. Being overweight can lead to poor technique, which could result in shoulder injuries. I’ve seen this many times, so please refrain from playing with your hands, swaying, or cheating. Additionally, if you suffer from shoulder pain You may want to avoid straight rows and replace them with side raises.
  • variations: This exercise can be done with an E-Z bar, barbell or straight bar that is attached to a pulley with a low angle, and it is also possible to perform with dumbbells. However, this particular exercise should be reserved for the most experienced individuals who are familiar with the correct technique.


  • Smith Machine Upright Row adds definition and size to the traps and deltoids
  • It is easy to adjust the hand position so that the shoulders feel most at ease
  • The bar is moved along tracks, making it easier to enter the proper position and also to maintain manage
  • Do not lean back when you lift the weight, ensure that the motion is controlled, and don’t count on the momentum.
  • This exercise could be dangerous for certain individuals because they are more likely to impingement because of anatomical reasons including shoulder mobility and hand placement.
  • If you are able to restrict elbow movement to chest level to reduce the risk of shoulder impingement.
  • If you find that upright rows irritate your wrists, think about the use of a cable, dumbbell, or banded alternatives as these reduce the stress on your wrists.
  • When you raise your elbows upwards, ensure that your head doesn’t protrude forward.

Alternates for Smith Machine Upright Row

Smith Machine Upright Row
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