The Alternate Hammer Curl is a routine exercise that employs moderate to low levels of resistance to increase the strength of the brachialis, biceps brachii the brachioradialis, and brachioradialis muscles and is engaged during the exercise as the exerciser makes the reverse “hammering” motion, hence the name.

Despite the relatively low intensity, the neutral grip, and the simplicity of the hammer curl, exercisers might find themselves needing another exercise to substitute it for, either due to a desire for an exercise that is more targeted for training or the desire for the most intense brachial muscular group workout.

It is extremely fortunate that a wide variety of different exercises that share the same pattern of activation for muscles and kinetic chain is available that allowing the user to choose the one they are most comfortable with and appropriate for their specific circumstance.

Instructions for the Alternate Hammer Curl

  1. Get up standing with your torso up and one dumbbell in each hand placed at arm’s reach. The elbows should be placed close to the torso.
  2. The palms of your hands should face your body. This is the starting point.
  3. While keeping your upper arms still, move the weight to the left while contracting your biceps and breathe out. Repeat the exercise until your biceps are completely contracted and your dumbbells are in the shoulder. Maintain your contracted posture for about a second while you squeeze the biceps.
  4. Slowly return the dumbbells to their start position as you breathe into your lungs.
  5. Repeat the exercise using your hands on the left. This is equal to one repetition.
  6. Keep alternating this way until you reach the recommended number of repetitions.

Additional Information

  • Do not turn your wrists when you are doing Alternate Hammer Curl.
  • It is not just the biceps that are affected as well as the brachialis as well as brachioradialis
  • There is less stress on wrists When compared to supinating curls.
  • Can lift heavier weights without needing to supinate
  • Only the forearms must move.
  • There are numerous variations to this exercise. As an example, for instance, you could practice the exercise sitting on a bench, with the back supported. And you can also complete it with both arms simultaneously.

Alternative Exercises for Alternate Hammer Curl

Alternate Hammer Curl
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