Scottsboro is a city of a tiny size located in Northeastern Alabama where the mountains meet the sea. Imagine the amazing things you can do in Scottsboro that combine mountain and water sports. There are a few activities in the city of Scottsboro to complete your day.

The mountains form part of the Cumberland Plateau on the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains. The geology is different from other parts of the region, which makes abundant caves and Karst formations.

It’s Lake Guntersville, Alabama’s largest lake, renowned for its big bass and bald eagles. In addition, you’ll find rivers that are free-flowing and mountain streams that cascade down.

Explore all the exciting activities to enjoy within Scottsboro for an unforgettable weekend escape to remember.


1. Stay in the Jackson County Park, Scottsboro

Jackson County Park could be the best holiday value you’ve never been told about. It’s first of all, the location, location, and location. It’s located just a mile from the main road, Highway 72, near the intersection with 279. You can get to all the activities in the park, and dine at all the delicious local restaurants such as Toros Cantina, which has received hundreds of five-star reviews. 

It’s also in the water, which means you can take a boat out to discover Lake Guntersville from their full-service marina which includes ramps and slips that are available for overnight use, and even boats for rent.

What is what sets Jackson County Park apart is its outstanding rental cabins. These two-bedroom/one-bath beautiful waterfront homes can accommodate ten people and have a fully-equipped kitchen. They’re not even five years of age, meaning they’re fitted with modern features including plasma televisions throughout the rooms. 

All this is available for just $140 in the summer, and $100 per night in winter. There are no minimum stay requirements as well as a tiny cleaning charge however, it’s an incredible cost for all they have to offer!

Jackson County Park

2. Take advantage of Waterfront Dining, Scottsboro

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a 75-mile lake will be home to plenty of restaurants on the water. You can take a boat or drive to many of these places However, we’ll focus on one that is within walking distance of your cabin in Jackson County Park. KC’s Bar-BQ is a simple restaurant that has spectacular views. If you are a fan of the old-fashioned way of life This is the spot for you.

The Docks at Goose Pond Colony is an up-and-coming rung in the food ladder, with grits and shrimp which taste as delicious as the breathtaking view that surrounds Lake Guntersville and fried catfish to write about. 

In the context of writing about catfish that has been fried, the catfish that is fried on offer at Top O the Guntersville in the river in Guntersville has included on it the 100 dishes you must eat in Alabama before you die. The best part is that you can enjoy it on the bay side. There are a variety of restaurants on the waterfront and you could set out on a mission to try every one of them. And you’ll earn extra points if doing it on a boat.

Waterfront Dining

3. Enjoy a day at Lake Guntersville, Scottsboro

Lake Guntersville is 75 miles long. Lake Guntersville has 108 square miles of surface which makes it the biggest Lake in Alabama. This is even bigger than the 70-square mile Lake Martin, which was once the biggest man-made lake in the entire world. The lake is laid back and has lots of back bays in which to fish or swim in the water for a while.

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In addition to the boating experience, Lake Guntersville has two amazing wildlife experiences. The first is that it’s among the top places in Alabama to spot Bald eagles, especially within Lake Guntersville State Park, where breeding pairs were introduced in the mid-80s.

Lake Guntersville is also a fishing hotspot, particularly Guntersville’s “Miracle Mile” which runs in the vicinity of Goose Pond Colony. The huge number of bass that is trophy-sized in the area, as well as the huge bays formed from three creeks, Sauty, Mink, and Roseberry Creeks, baffled naturalists. They were not distinctively different from other lakes however, they received greater pressure for fishing than bays that were remote. 

It could be the anglers who caused this unique strange phenomenon. Lake Guntersville hosts many fishing tournaments such as B.A.S.S. Elite as well as FLW Major. The check-ins usually take place located at Goose Pond Colony docks, where the fish will be released following the weigh-in. One tournament can easily deliver 250 quality bass returned to their docks. Much like the eagles that are in the state park, The fish are allowed to roam around, but usually don’t wander far.

Lake Guntersville

4. Visit Lake Guntersville State Park, Scottsboro

Lake Guntersville State Park has located runs between Town Creek and Short Creek. It is located near the southern part of the lake between the dam as well as the city of Guntersville. It’s an ideal location for water sports of all kinds near the northern part of the Lake. It is home to some fantastic land-based activities, too.

Thirty-six miles of trails run through the park offering mountain bikers and hikers an array of recreational opportunities that range from simple to challenging. The park also has an extremely rated zip line along with a golfing course. It is also possible to make use of the park to relax in between activities by sitting on the balcony of the park lodge and watching for eagles that fly above the lake.

Lake Guntersville State Park

5. Kayak Coon Bay, Scottsboro

Coon Bay, where Racoon Creek joins Lake Guntersville, is located just beneath the Rt 117 Bridge, which is on the east bank of the river. There’s a ramp for public use at the terminus of County Road 491 which does not appear on the map but is accessible to the mile-long bay.

With the abundance of paddling options for backwater paddling on this lake, how should you choose this particular one? Because you’ll be able to paddle into three caves. They’re situated in tiny inlets along the bay’s south side, and you’ll be taking a minimum of three-mile kayaking to explore the caves. Bain The center cave, is the largest of the three caves and has around 30′ of water passage before it becomes too narrow to travel. If you’re in search of an organized trip, North Alabama Paddling Adventures regularly runs excursions there, and they have rental kayaks available.

6. It is possible to float Paint Rock River, Scottsboro

Karst topology can create much more than caves. It may also create azure blue waterways when minerals-rich water flows through the rock. Paint Rock River isn’t nearly as blue as Havasu Creek in the Grand Canyon however, you can observe the name’s color, particularly in the higher Paint. Paint Rock Canoe as well as Kayak Rental offers rentals and shuttles to the middle of Paint where the river runs alongside US-72. Paddling in the Paint Rock River is a stunning way to relax in nature.

Paint Rock River

7. Explore the North Alabama Waterfall Trail

This is the section in our tour guide to Scottsboro attractions that switches between mountain activities and water activities. Are you aware of the name of the point of a natural landscape? A waterfall. It’s not surprising that the area that is where the mountains meet the water also has its fair share of waterfalls.

We’ve created an entire road trip to waterfalls Here are a few of the best. High Falls is an impressive high-volume waterfall that is located just to Lake Guntersville State Park. De Soto Falls is located in De Soto State Park and is a perfect spot to take pictures of photographs of the fall season. Little River Falls has the most water flow among the falls, and is located in the middle of the scenic Little River Canyon. Short story, whether you’re going to just one waterfall or trying to go to all of them ensure you have your camera.

North Alabama Waterfall Trail

8. Enjoy a hike

The best waterfalls in Scottsboro cannot be seen during a drive. It’s best to pack your hiking shoes (and cameras) to view these stunning waterfalls. Walls of Jericho Walls of Jericho can be possibly the most famous trail located in North Alabama. It is listed as one of Alabama’s 20 natural marvels (along along with De Soto Falls and Little River Canyon) as well as the signposts begin at the US-72 intersection, which is about 25 miles far from the start of the trail. 

It’s a moderate hike that leads to an awe-inspiring canyon that has waterfalls that flow in from every angle. Bethel Springs Bethel Springs Nature Preserve can be described as a shorter and more easy hike, where an impressive waterfall cascades down 80′ down a soaring mountain and disappears into an underground cave.

Other hikes in Scottsboro don’t involve waterfalls in any way. “The Pinnacle” can be described as a Karst outcrop perched on a hill that overlooks Lake Guntersville with some of the most beautiful views in the county.


9. Ascend into Earth in Cathedral Caverns

There’s more than just shoes and cars to experience each fall within North Alabama. If you want to see among the best and most gorgeous waterfalls, you’ll have to go down to Cathedral Caverns State Park. There you will see the frozen waterfall, an eddy that was created by the settling of limestone over a long period of time. There’s also Goliath which is one of the biggest stalagmites on earth and a huge stalactite forest.

The cave is arguably one of the largest entrances in all commercial caves. Mists encircle the huge 125-foot gap as you descend into the earth for a 90-minute journey through the unknown. The group we were in had everyone from a grandmother riding an old golf cart to children who could not wait to go outdoors as they “mine” for precious stones at The gift store. While it’s easy to access and accessible, it’s still enjoyable, clean fun.

Cathedral Caverns

10. Relive the past at Russell Cave

Russell Cave is an archeological site that tells the tale of prehistoric times throughout the Southeast. It’s located just from Hwy 72, right before you cross the border into Tennessee. If you’re on the way you should stop by to take a short nature walk along the boardwalk, and an amazing view of the massive cave. If you’re an avid historian and want to see the past, then you must visit Russell Cave.

The past will be brought to life in front of your eyes thanks to interactive exhibits that are in the park and old-fashioned hunting demonstrations conducted by rangers. Once you are in your caves, you may imagine returning to your family after a thrilling hunt. The signs at the entrance describe archeologists locating a variety of artifacts and connecting the 10,000 years of human habitation.

Russell Cave

11. Shop Unclaimed Baggage

Russell Cave gave scientists a review of objects and treasures left in the sand for unknown reasons. An anthropologist of the present might have questions such as the fate of your suitcase after it is lost in a plane. Ph.D. bargain hunters are aware that each of those bags ends in Scottsboro, Alabama. It’s The Unclaimed Baggage is the nation’s sole provider of bags that have been lost and their contents.

The shop truly is an adventure and you don’t know what you’re likely to discover. The displays showcase the most intriguing items, such as armor suits or massive horns. There’s only one thing that is priceless.

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