Barbell curls are variations of the biceps cur which utilizes a barbell that is weighted. Do barbell curls by holding an object with a supinated grip that is shoulder-width (palms in the direction of the body). Engage your elbows and raise the barbell towards your chest. If you’re a seasoned bodybuilder or novice this is a vital upper-body exercise to incorporate into your strength-training regimen.

Instructions for Barbell Curl

  1. Get your torso standing straight while holding a barbell in a shoulder-width grasp. The palms of your hands should be facing forward, and your elbows should be close to your body. This is the position you start from.
  2. When you keep your upper arms in a stationary position, pull the weights inward while contracting your biceps as you exhale. Tips: Only the forearms should be moving.
  3. Keep going until your biceps have fully engaged and you have the bar the shoulder level. Maintain the contract position for a second, then squeeze the muscles of your biceps with all the force.
  4. Slowly, slowly return the bar to its starting point as you breathe takes in.
  5. Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.

Other Information

  • The barbell curl is designed to target your Biceps Brachii muscle and brachialis, the muscle which is responsible for elbow extension. Through regular training, the barbell curl can aid in building larger biceps. Barbell curls typically let you lift heavier weight than dumbbell curls.
  • Inactivating the brachioradialis muscular in your forearm, curls of the barbell can increase the strength of your grip and enhance your performance when doing other exercises that require your upper body such as the deadlift, bench press, and pull-ups.
  • You can alter the weight plates on the barbell to meet your fitness levels of yours. Make sure you begin with lighter weights first until you’re able to handle heavier weights.
  • It is also possible to perform this exercise with straight bar connections that are attached to a pulley that is low. This technique is believed to give a great exercise during the peak of the move.
  • It is also possible to make use of the grip with a closer fit for a variety of reasons.
  • Strengthens and increases the size of the biceps
  • It also helps to improve forearm and grip strength
  • It allows for an intense peak contraction around the midpoint
  • Allows for greater loading than other curl variations.

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