The hammer curl can be an excellent complement to an upper-body strength workout. Hammer curls are an alternative to the Biceps Curl which targets muscle groups of the upper and lower arms. Although the exercise is nearly always done with dumbbells, you could also use bands or cables.

If you’ve been putting in long hours at the gym trying to build larger biceps using regular Biceps Curls as well as chin-ups but you’re still completely unsatisfied with the shape of your upper arms you’re probably not had the chance to hear about the brachialis muscles.

There’s nothing wrong with that as who is able to keep track of all the hundreds of muscles within your body? But the brachialis muscle is one that’s worth learning about since it’s a crucial muscle that every good training session for the bicep should focus on.

The brachialis muscles are located on the side of your upper arms just behind the biceps. If you focus on the brachialis muscles in your training, you’ll increase the mass of your arms, allowing your biceps to shine more. The most effective arm exercise that strengthens the brachialis muscles is that of the hammer curl.

Instructions for the Hammer Curls

  1. Get up standing with your torso up with a dumbbell in both hands, held at arms ‘ length. Your elbows must be in close proximity to the body.
  2. The palms of your hands should be in front of your torso. This is the starting point.
  3. While keeping your upper arm in a stationary position exhale and slowly move the weight upwards while contracting your biceps. Keep raising the weight until your biceps are completely contracted as well as the dumbbell sits at the level of your shoulder. Keep the contracted position for a short time while you squeeze your biceps. Tips: Keep the elbow still and not move your forearm.
  4. After a short moment, breathe in and slowly lift the dumbbells back to their original position.
  5. Repeat until you reach the recommended number of repetitions.

Additional Information

  • Hammer curls work the brachii biceps. It is known to be a “vanity muscle” because it’s seen on side of the body.1 Anyone who wants to achieve an athletic appearance usually targets the biceps to achieve a more athletic appearance.
  • In the body, the biceps brachii muscle is an elbow flexor that is accountable for the bending motion around the elbow joint. It also assists in rotating (supinate) the forearm.
  • Don’t lean back when you move the weight around – it’s cheating!
  • Keep your elbows firmly between your legs throughout the entire set. Do not allow them to move forward while you pull the weight upwards. Concentrate on allowing only your forearms and hands to move.
  • Hold and squeeze at the top of the motion for the best results.
  • Make sure that the reps are timed slowly and maintain the weight throughout the entire set.

Alternative Exercises for Cross-body hammer curl

Hammer Curls
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