The Standing Biceps Cable Curl incorporates a well-known bodybuilding exercise in the barbell standing cur it replaces the barbell with a handle connected to the cable. It’s a typical exercise for burnout that is performed for medium to heavy reps which can be as high as 8-12 reps per set in conjunction with an arm or upper-body workout.

Cable curls are one of the most effective exercises to build the muscles of the bicep. In contrast to free-weight curls, Bicep curls give continuous pressure because of their more constant resistance curve. They’re also simpler to set up because you don’t need to put any weights on the bar. You simply place the pin on the stack of weights and then lift it.

Therefore, they are the perfect addition to any exercise program regardless of whether you’re looking to build lean and toned or muscular and big.

Instructions Standing Biceps Cable Curl

  • Get your torso standing straight while holding the cable curler bar which is connected to a lower pulley. Take the cable bar about shoulder width, and keep your elbows near the body. The palms of your hands should be pointing upwards (supinated grasp). This is the starting point.
  • While keeping your upper arms in a stationary position then curl the weights and keep contracting your biceps while you breathe in. Only your forearms should be moving. Continue to move until your biceps are completely contracted and your bar sits level with your shoulder. Keep in the contract position for one second as you press the muscles.
  • Slowly, slowly return the curl bar to its starting point as you take a deep breath.
  • Repeat until you reach the recommended number of repetitions.

Additional Information for Standing Biceps Cable Curl

  • Other names Bars with straight cable curls low cable curls
  • Standing bicep cable curls for the bicep are an easy workout on the ground. However, even as an isolation exercise, many lifters make these common mistakes while performing bicep cable curls at the fitness center. If you are able to avoid these common pitfalls you’ll experience more muscle growth and decrease your risk of injury since the repetitions you perform will trigger an increase in hypertrophy.
  • Cable barbells are an exercise that is very joint-friendly since the pulley is able to stabilize the load for you. The cable does not swing around like dumbbells tend to do. This means that the connective tissue structure naturally is subject to less stress, which will aid in reducing the risk of suffering elbow and wrist injuries.
  • Develops stronger, more powerful Biceps
  • Like a barbell, the cable can be tense continuously
  • Easy to alter the load speedily for drop sets

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